Bari, Mignani: “Yesterday I thought I would win. Parma is a difficult team”

Technician Bari Michelle Mignani he spoke at a press conference after the defeat to Parma. Here is his opinion about the match with Tardini:

At some point did you think that you could even win it?

“Yes, in my opinion, in the first minutes we suffered from the physical strength and passion of Parma. And we were a little timid too. Then at the end of the first half and in the second half the team grew, they held the field well, when the match is open, there is an opportunity to concede a goal and also to do it.”

Is there anything about the Parma squad that surprised you?

“No, we knew that Parma would play like this, or with a striker and an attacking midfielder. Here the translators can be different, they have such a wide choice in attack that we were not surprised.”

Compared to the Italian Cup, did you play better, were you better prepared?

Parma is always a difficult team and there is always a fight against them. We weren’t at full strength in the Cup, but they changed very little compared to last year. They lost important players, but others, no less important, came. “Today in the second half we played the right game and, apart from the goal that was scored after Parma’s mistake, we created the conditions for a bad game. We didn’t succeed and we conceded a goal that could have been avoided. But how to score? Other people’s goals , mistakes of others, in football goals are conceded due to a little carelessness, as happened in Benedychak’s goal.”

How much of last year’s disappointment is there in this start to the season?

“This is a different championship, in every way we are a different team. On Sunday against Catanzaro, of the eleven players, seven arrived in the summer. I am constantly looking for comparisons with last year, I do not find this correct and I have not found it. It is even wrong to think that the beginning of this championship is determined by the end of the last championship. We know very well that every season is different from the other, we will have to reset everything and start again stronger than Never. We have to prove something every game, let alone every season. Now we need to roll up our sleeves and get points in the next match.”

What will you work on to ensure Bari reaches the top as many expect?

“What many people think is their problem, their thoughts. This is a different championship, everything is reset. If we had stayed the same, we would have played differently, but instead we are a different team. Everyone thinks what they want, I think we need to score points. The only thing that has value is what you do on the field, the coat of arms, the stadium, the name, the past don’t matter.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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