Norway national teams will boycott matches with Russian youth teams

Another country opposed UEFA’s decision

Norwegian Football Federation stated that she did not agree with the decision UEFA allow Russian U-17 teams to participate in international competitions. Norwegians will boycott possible matches with representatives of the aggressor country.

“We did not know that this issue should be dealt with by UEFA and we could have expected a better solution from UEFA on such an important issue. We take the position that Norwegian teams should not play against Russian teams while the war continues,” said NFF President Lise Klaveness.

“Basically we support the position that children should not be excluded from football or other arenas due to the actions of adults and authorities. Football should unite, not divide. However, we believe that in this emergency it is too difficult to separate national football from the Russian people and the regime’s need to use top football as part of its propaganda. It would not be appropriate to make such a departure at this time without careful consideration of how considerations of neutrality and solidarity would be taken into account in such a decision. We should expect UEFA to do better on such an important and fundamental issue.”

UEFA has allowed Russian U-17 national teams (boys and girls) to participate in international competitions during the 2023/24 season. All team matches will be held without the flag, anthem, national playing uniform and not on Russian territory. The disqualification of the remaining Russian teams remains in force.

The Football Association of England reacted to UEFA’s decision, where they decided to maintain their position and boycott matches with teams from Russia, despite UEFA’s approval. A similar statement was made by Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania.

The Ukrainian Football Association also published its statement. The UAF condemned UEFA’s decision to return Russian youth teams (U-17) to the international arena under a neutral flag and refused to participate in matches with Russian teams.

In the early hours of February 24, Russia launched rocket and air strikes on most Ukrainian cities and then launched a full-scale military invasion. The Russian war against Ukraine has continued for the 582nd day.

Source: Sportarena

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