Athletistic/Football. Zenit defender Mario Fernandez explained to a Sport24 correspondent how the clause on the amount of compensation appeared in his contract.

“The compensation clause of 365,000 euros in the contract with Internacional appeared because I thought it was fair for the club. At Internacional they wanted to keep me with all their might. I didn’t asked for only one condition. If a club wants to have me outside Brazil, then I will have to pay 365,000 euros to Internacional. And I will not ask for any salary or bonus. Because all this time, I wanted to return to Russia.

And regarding compensation: we are not talking about five million euros, nor three, nor even one. This is the amount that I considered, when signing a contract with Internacional, to be logical and fair. I would never in my life sign a contract including an overly inflated price for my transfer to another club. 365,000 is fair money for Internacional

Clubs, including CSKA, spend millions on new players, but here it’s only 365,000! I spent 10 years at CSKA, it seemed useful to me, and this award seemed justified to me. And of course I thought: this is not the money that anyone will think about if the club wants to bring me back,” Fernandez said.

  • Fernandez said he refused to join Zenit after the 2022 World Cup