Giornale di Sicilia: “Palermo at Brunori’s feet: the striker doesn’t want to stop now”

“Palermo at Brunori’s feet: the striker doesn’t want to stop,” read the newspaper headlines. Newspaper Sicily.

Life is like… a bomber. Tuesday night only confirmed the quality of the footballer that is Matteo Brunori, a true symbol of Palermo who is heading straight to Serie A. The anger, the determination, the determination with which the number 9 in the pink shirt played the match. against Venezia is a concrete demonstration of the Rosanero captain’s affection for the colors, and his celebrations during and after the match are a direct indication of the feeling he managed to create among all the fans who flocked to Penzo and his teammates, whom they supported him and followed. it is irrevocable.

The luxurious celebration the night before yesterday, which Brunori had been waiting for for 5 days of the championship, as if it was a liberation, the iron will to want to become the main hero of the team that was just waiting for him, the seal must be perfect. Ironically, the first chance came from the spot. Eleven meters that often proved fatal last year and too often called into question the pink bomber’s composure in front of the ball in the penalty spot.

But fate sometimes mocks and tests those interpreters who are ready to challenge it. And in this penalty it was not only Brunori who scored, but all 500 fans gathered in the Penzo stands and thousands of people glued to the television: a goal that reeked of the liberation and dedication of a champion who has achieved and will continue to make history in Palermo.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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