Neto again criticizes Sampaoli and makes a strong accusation in the process; understand!

Neto had to provide clarification to the Court after being sued by Sampaoli and challenged the Argentine coach’s action

This Thursday, 28th, the fight between Grandchild It is Sampaoli won a new chapter in the São Paulo Courts. According to information from the “Uol Esporte” portal, the TV presenter contested the action brought by the Argentine. Through his lawyers, he stated that the coach practices “veiled racism” It is “collects dislikes in football“.

For those who don’t remember, Sampaoli went to court against Neto and filed a criminal complaint at the 1st Criminal Court of Pinheiros. The coach requested that the former player face criminal charges for offenses made on TV Bandeirantes. This all started when Neto accused the Argentine of committing racism against Arzulphysical trainer of Santos.

Neto, despite his sometimes controversial and emphatic opinions, has always been committed to truth, information and reasoned criticism. Sampaoli, on the other hand, collects dislikes in his professional career in Brazil, with his difficulty in dealing with people being public.“, said one of the lawyers during one of the hearings. The speech was revealed by UOL.

In the case currently underway in court, Neto uttered the following sentence: “Coincidentally, Arzul was the only black member of the coaching staff and the only one prohibited from entering the locker room.“. It is worth noting that Arzul himself went public and denied that he had suffered racism when he had contact with Sampaoli. In addition to the first complaint, the Argentine also asked for the amount of R$500,000 in moral damages.

Neto blasted Sampaoli again during the process (Credit: Reproduction / Instagram – GettyImages)

According to the publication, Neto and Sampaoli will be summoned to participate in the virtual hearing and trial of the case. The São Paulo Court scheduled the meeting, via videoconference, for October 4th, at 2 pm. Below you can check out Neto’s speech that generated the lawsuit filed by Sampaoli!

You don’t give morals to people who are from your own country, then you give morals to a guy like this, who often treated people in such a racist way, in such a hypocritical way“, said Neto.

Source: sportbuzz

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