Hero of the 9th round of the Second League Gabriel Gular: “Zvyagel strives for the maximum result, and at the end of the season we’ll look at the table”

Sport Arena and PFL traditionally determine the hero of the tour in the Second League. This time it is YUKSA winger Gabriel Gular, who scored himself and assisted Wendy in the match with Kudrovka

Ukrainian Christian Sports Academy – YUKSA – is one of the brightest newcomers to the PFL. Here is the original philosophy of the club, uniting believers, and Tsymbal’s special tactical scheme with attention to the technique and creative initiative of the players, and three foreign players – and there is nothing else in the modern Second League.

The hero of the 9th round in the Second League, Gabriel Goulard, in an interview with Sport Arena, shared his impressions of the victory over Kudrovka (3:0), and also talked about how he plays in Ukraine.

– How important is it for you to be recognized as the best player of the tour?

– For me, this recognition is very important because it shows that my work is bearing fruit, and this certainly motivates me to strive to improve more and more. But it should be remembered that this achievement is also the result of the work of the entire team. My teammates made a big contribution to this, so I thank them too.

– Did you think long before deciding to sign a contract with YUKSA? Why did you decide to come to a country where there is war?

– Yes, together with my family I thought a lot about the offer, we knew that this was a great opportunity for my career, but I would also have difficulties due to the war factor. However, I believe God brought me here because he has a greater purpose for me and my family and that also gives me strength.

– You and Matheus played for Union Frederikens. This probably played a key role when making the decision, since Matheus also joined the team?

– Yes, we played together in Unian, Matheus is a phenomenal player and was the guy who helped me a lot thanks to his experience. We already had a friendship and knowing that he was coming too definitely helped me with my decision.

– How did you manage to adapt so quickly to the new team? Who helped you?

“My adaptation went quickly because the club staff welcomed me with open arms. They accepted me, treated me very well and helped me with everything that was necessary for my adaptation. There was also Bruno, our translator, who was very helpful and without him it would have been much more difficult because I would not have been able to communicate with the staff.

– How do you like working under the leadership of Nikolai Tsymbal? How modern is his training process?

– I like working with him, I like his work. I also liked the way he worked with the team to make us better. He is an experienced coach in a team with many young players, so he managed well and helped us a lot.

– What did the coaching staff focus on before the game with Kudrovka? Did you understand that you would be playing against a well-equipped team?

– We knew that Kudrovka would be a strong opponent, and our analysts studied them very well. Our tactics were to put pressure on the opponent and win the ball quickly to control the game, but also to be calm and patient to make the best decisions. We did it very well and managed to win.

– In the middle of the first half, Wendy scored after your cross. Can you remember this episode?

– Yes, Wendy is a great player, and, of course, when I looked for him on the field, I had enough time and space to make a decision. I made a good pass to him and he made a great shot that led to the first goal.

– At the beginning of the second half, Kononov increased your team’s advantage. Do you agree that this goal was the key in the match?

– Yes, I agree. I think the break is about making adjustments and improving the game, and when you go into the second half and score another goal one minute later to extend your lead even further, it takes a bit of a mental boost. And this goal further strengthened our team on the field, since it is a greater advantage. So yes, Kononov’s goal was important.

– In the 54th minute, after Wendy’s pass, you skillfully shot into the far corner. Do you already understand each other perfectly with your partner?

– It was a good pass from Wendy. I was happy that I hit the winning shot. As for my relationship with Wendy, we met at UCSA, and the fact that we are both Brazilian helps us find common ground much faster. Communication was easy, we became closer and were in a better mood to play with each other. I think that our mutual understanding on the field can be even better, we are working on it.

– You already have four effective actions to your credit – two goals and two assists. Are you happy with the start of the season or were you expecting more?

“I think we always want more, and I have those ambitions.” But I’m happy that I’m helping the team and I hope that I can help more and more.

– Remember your performances for the youth team of Coritiba. Which star football players did you manage to play with?

– Yes, I remember it was a great experience for me and my career, it added a lot to my football because it was a big team. I had great coaches and great players around me, and fortunately I had a lot to learn from them. I met very good players who are already stars for me, but they are still in the process of becoming. I believe many will succeed.

– What goals do you set for yourself for this season?

– The goal for this season, of course, is to get a ticket to the First League. We all work hard and commit to making it happen.

Hero of the 9th round of the Second League. Illustration pfl.ua


  • born in Ereshin, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  • studied in the Ipirang youth team in Ereshin
  • was on contract in Coritiba and Uniau Frederikens
  • I support the Brazilian national team
  • Favorite players: Neymar, Vinny Junior, Kaka
  • I would like to win the Second League of Ukraine with YuKSA

Yaroslav Krokha

Source: Sportarena

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