Abel Ferreira gets angry after the Palmeiras game and mocks: “You…”

Annoyed by a reporter’s question, Abel Ferreira threw jabs during the press conference and defended Palmeiras

On the night of last Thursday, the 28th, the Boca Juniors received the Palm treesat La Bombonerain a match valid for the first leg of the semi-final of Libertadores. After 90 minutes of great tension and good chances on both sides, the teams were unable to break through the defense of both and ended up in a goalless draw, which heated up the atmosphere after the duel.

This is because the technician Abel Ferreira was quite irritated during the press conference. When asked about the fact that Verdão hadn’t scored in four of the last five games, he was upset. In the debate with the journalist, the Portuguese threw jabs and kept remembering the question throughout the conversation with the press.

But what do the latest games have to do with this game specifically? I think it’s easier for your colleague to grab the microphone and ask questions than to play in here. It seems easy to be in my position, take a kid who was on team B three months ago, who barely played on team A and put him to play.“, said Abel Ferreira.

At another point in the press conference, Abel Ferreira entered into a debate with the journalist Paulo Massini. In the question, the reporter questioned Palmeiras’ problems in replacing Dudu. Once again, the coach mocked the question and asked the press professional to select the team for the next matches.

Abel Ferreira pointed out that Boca Juniors were better in the match (Credit: GettyImages)

Today’s game showed a left side far removed from the rest. You have a week to adjust this…“, asked Paulo Massini. Abel Ferreira mocked, as Dudu no longer plays this season: “Talk to the medical department, if Dudu is ready, he might play“, joked the Portuguese, who debated with the journalist again:

Do you know which one [mudança] can you help me? So help. I also have many doubts, but my job is to choose. Look and believe in the squad I have. Since I arrived at Palmeiras, what I do is do my best, just like the players. Find solutions and empower kids“, mocked the Palmeiras coach.

In a very balanced first stage, with good chances for both teams, the home team had more shots than the visitors, but neither of them really managed to break through the goalkeepers’ block. In the second half, both managed to move more and bring more plays, but neither managed to actually score a goal.

Source: sportbuzz

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