Ternana, Lucarelli: “We do not have a drop of anger. Var? Supercazzola. I expect that with Reggiana…

On the eve of the match with Reggiana, Ternana coach Cristiano Lucarelli spoke at a press conference. Below are his remarks.

BANDECKI ON THE BENCH – “There is a statement and we stand by it.”

IMPORTANCE OF THE MATCH IN REGIANA – “Either because of his personality or because he listens to me when I tell him not to look at the table, the team always plays at its best. Then there is a difference between words and actions. a pinch of extra anger. At the same time, our rating will be double-digit. We must understand that there are moments in which we must react immediately. And tomorrow is one of them. Yesterday I spoke with the team. The director was also there. I said The only thing I regret is that we don’t have a bit of anger. Then we would not have conceded goals in several matches, and perhaps we would have scored more in them.”

JUDGES ASCOLI – “When I saw Varrista, I was worried, given the precedents. There are 17 rules in football. In my opinion they were very clear to everyone before VAR came along. Today, with the introduction of VAR, Supercazzola is born. La Penna came here to hold a meeting, and it so happened that my second Vanigli, asking his opinion on a violation similar to the penalty awarded to Sudtirol, replied that if the ball changes direction, it is never a penalty. They give a fine for three days. We try our best to keep up with the continuous evolution of interpretations. We do not protest out of ignorance. Because we don’t support them. We no longer understand when a judge intervenes. I see this when Ternana scores a goal, they also go and watch footage of our arrival on the bus. Paradoxically, human error is better. So how long will it take for people to finally get annoyed? A VAR with a little interpretation would be useful to everyone. Not this way”. .

NO ALIBI – “The team never had an alibi. The guys accept the refereeing decisions of their opponents with great Olympic calm.”

MATCH – “I expect to win. The difference between two points and twelve is anger.” […].

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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