Vasco suffers FIFA Transfer Ban for delaying payments to clubs

Teams such as Lille, from France, among others, sued the football entity due to debts owed by Vasco players, such as goalkeeper Léo Jardim

Trouble in paradise! O Vasco suffered a Transfer Ban from FIFA due to late payment debts with clubs such as Lille-FRA, Nacional-URU It is Atlético Tucumán-ARG. The teams sued the football entity due to delays due to Leo Jardim, Puma Rodríguez It is Manuel Capassorespectively.

SAF contacted some creditor clubs with the promise that it would make the payment by last Tuesday, the 28th, however, for now, no money has been transferred and no new deadline has been given. The expectation is that, with the new contribution, scheduled for October 5th, the problem will be resolved.

In case of Leo JardimCruzmaltino had already been activated by the Lille in the first quarter, after delaying the first installment, scheduled for February. SAF has already paid off the debt before the Transfer Ban deadline. The other installments were combined for August this year and February 2024. Last month’s installments also did not fall. South American clubs complained about the delays in July. O Vasco has not yet paid off the amount of US$ 2 million per Puma as National. Furthermore, the debt owed to the Tucumán per Manuel Capasso is US$1.5 million.

However, even though the club did not meet the deadlines of the FIFAthe situation does not concern the Vascowhich plans to pay off its debts by the end of the year Brazilian championship. The Transfer Ban prevents the team from registering new players. Not only the contribution of 777 reassuring, but SAF also guarantees that cash flow will be normalized.

Source: sportbuzz

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