Athletistic/Football. Former RPL referee Igor Fedotov commented on the news regarding the possible punishment of Ural president Grigori Ivanov for his comments to Russian referees.

“For Ivanov, three months of disqualification is a worthy punishment. Why do this? Grigori Ivanov is a public person. The referee has a wife, children, they watch and read all this. There are parents who will worry. Indeed, they will. Take it and hit your head somewhere during your turn, and then what to do?

You need to be more careful with words. Yes, there are emotions, but they need to be directed in a different direction. You have to choose the right words. If anything happens to the judge, he will open this article. It’s not very fun,” Fedotov told RB Sport.

They want to disqualify the president of the Urals for 3 months for wanting to “break someone’s head with a bat”

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