Athletistic/Football. Today, September 30, the tenth round match of the Russian Football Championship took place. CSKA welcomed Baltika. The army team won with a score of 1:0 thanks to a goal from Victor Davila. CSKA midfielder Ivan Oblyakov commented on this result.

– It was very difficult to play at times. I think the fact that we haven’t won in a long time hampered us. We were a little nervous. Once the goal was scored, the result was already dominant. This turned out to be a combative match. Yes, we have injured players, but we have reserves. All teams have these problems. Any player is ready to benefit the team and play in any position. We imagined how Baltika plays. They run, they put pressure, the team does not stay behind in defense. It’s interesting to play this kind of football,” Oblyakov said, as quoted by Match TV.

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