Payment deadline for 777 expires this Thursday and Vasco evaluates regaining control

Payment deadline for 777 expires this Thursday and Vasco evaluates regaining control

With the last day to pay more than R$100 million, 777 Partners could see Vasco regain control of the club this Thursday, 5th; understand

Even demonstrating an improvement on the field, the Vasco continues to face administrative problems, mainly with the 777 Partners, owner of her SAF. The American company needs to pay R$ 120 million by this Thursday, 5th, or it will run the risk of seeing the associative club regain control of the shares.

If this happens, the Americans would still have the chance to return to control, as has been the case since the sale, at the end of 2022. To do so, they will have another 30 days to pay off the payment they currently owe, in addition to the interest they are incurring, to May the SAF path continue normally.

Despite there being no internal conflict between the parties, the non-inflow of the money this Thursday, 5th, would certainly mean that the club’s representatives would contact the lawyers in charge to evaluate actions. This would make it possible to repurchase the rights to 777, for a symbolic value of R$1,000.

Ramón Diaz continues his quest to free the team from relegation / Credits: Flickr Vasco / Leandro Amorim

Initially, the necessary contribution would be R$120 million, but according to “Globo Esporte”, around R$15 million will be deducted, as the investment was advanced during the transfer window period. This way, “only” the remainder must be sent, in addition to the interest, which was mentioned previously.

Source: sportbuzz

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