Daniel Alves suffers a tough defeat and experiences drama in Spain; understand!

Daniel Alves suffers a tough defeat and experiences drama in Spain;  understand!

Accused of sexual assault, Daniel Alves has been in prison since January and is awaiting the trial of the case to know his future

This Thursday, 5th, the side Daniel Alves got complicated once in a while Spain. Imprisoned since January 20th, he suffered a harsh defeat and began to experience enormous drama. This is because the lawyer Cristóbal Martell abandoned the case. According to information from “Antena 3” TV, he did not want to continue defending the Brazilian as he saw no solution to avoid conviction.

According to the publication, Cristóbal considers the case lost and is certain that Daniel Alves will be convicted by the Spanish courts. Now, the player will be defended by a young 35-year-old lawyer, who specializes in penitentiary law. It is worth remembering that the investigations have already been closed, and the parties are awaiting the trial date.

Daniel Alves was accused of sexual assault against a woman at the end of last year. The case happened in a nightclub in Spain. Evidence and testimony were essential for him to remain in prison until the trial date. Furthermore, the Brazilian already knows how much he will have to pay the victim if he is convicted: R$783 thousand for moral and psychological damages.

Arrested in Spain since the beginning of the year, accused of rape, Daniel Alves was notified in August that he would go to trial. With the investigation process completed, the prosecution understood that there is enough evidence to judge him and, despite not being satisfied with the decision, the Brazilian will not appeal to have a new chance to be heard.

Daniel Alves no longer has a defense lawyer (Credit: Getty Images)

This happens because Daniel Alves wants the procedures to go as quickly as possible, with the intention of speeding up the entire process as much as possible. Even so, he made a point of saying that he did not agree with the decision made. Now without a defense lawyer, the player gained the support of his wife Joana Sanzwho gave up on the divorce last week.

When Daniel Alves had been pre-emptively arrested for being accused of rape, Joana Sanz moved to Madrid. In March, the model also published a handwritten letter that addressed her breakup with the player, but she ended up getting back together. Since then, she has received correspondence from the side every 15 days, according to the newspaper “Extra”.

Over the last few months, the Spanish court has denied the Brazilian’s requests to respond to the case in freedom. The argument is that the player could have fled to his home country during the investigation and trial of the case.

Source: sportbuzz

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