Messi discovered it before Milad: in Argentina and Uruguay they reveal the day they learned that Chile would be eliminated from the World Cup

Messi discovered it before Milad: in Argentina and Uruguay they reveal the day they learned that Chile would be eliminated from the World Cup

Ignacio Alonso, president of the Uruguayan federation, said he had already been informed in advance of the idea of ​​Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay receiving the opening matches of the competition. Chiqui Tapia, for his part, provided details on La Pulga’s reaction.

This Wednesday, Conmebol, through its president Alejandro Domínguez, announced an announcement that comes at a bad time in Chile. FIFA, through its Council, had decided to award only Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay the opening matches of the 2030 Cup and to then continue its journey to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. .

This news proved to be a blow to national aspirations, since Chile was part of the Todos Juntos 2030 company that was preparing a joint bid to bring the entire competition to South America.

As the hours pass, new data begins to emerge on how the countries hosting the matches became aware of this measure and thus obtained their qualification for the competition.

Thus, the president of the Uruguayan Football Federation, Ignacio Alonso, revealed during a dialogue with the 100% Deporte program on Sport 890 radio that “On Saturday, Domínguez called me. I have not shared with anyone the content of what we talked about. “.

He also added that this option was chosen because the possibility of the 2030 World Cup taking place entirely in South America was very unlikely, since the votes were against Conmebol.

The electoral perspective was negative, 107 votes against 211. When Morocco joined, we already saw that it was not possible to have the 2030 World Cup. “, detained.

Even if he wanted to, there could not be a direct appointment of Infantino. After FIFA Gate, these decisions fall within the powers of the FIFA Congress “, he concluded.

In Argentina, Claudio Chiqui Tapia admitted Messi’s reaction. The footballer knew Pablo Milad, the president of the ANFP, before. “Messi was the first to whom I told, the day before the FIFA office meeting, that we were going to host the 2030 World Cup and without a doubt, we still continue to dream of having the best there player of the world. , declared the leader. And he also added: “I noticed that he was very happy, happy that Argentina can host the opening match of 2030 and now when he comes we will discuss” .

Reactions in Chile

After Alejandro Domínguez disclosed the information and FIFA ratified the agreement on its website, ANFP president Pablo Milad came to give explanations about what happened.

Chile regrets the exclusion made by the FIFA Council . From now on, our attention will continue on our sporting challenge. The first for qualification for the 2026 World Cup and the Pan American Games. “We will continue to place emphasis on youth football, progressing our infrastructure and perfecting our governance and regulatory processes,” the Curican said.

“It was a decision of the FIFA Council. There was an application from Spain, Portugal and Morocco as well as the four South American countries. The exclusion criteria are debatable, but they told me the following: Uruguay for hosting the first World Cup in 1930, Argentina for being world champions and Paraguay for being the headquarters of the Conmebol . . By these standards, we feel very hurt by this situation. They also explained that since there were three sites, there could not be four, seeking a balance between South American and European countries,” he added at the time.

Furthermore, President Gabriel Boric also had words to discuss the situation that left Chile out of the organization of the 2030 World Cup.This is not a decision in which the government was negligent. This is FIFA’s own decision . “I spoke about it with the presidents of Argentina and Paraguay and they knew when this decision was made public,” the president said yesterday.

He then added that “I regret that there are institutions that operate in an unserious and surprising way and of course we are going to affirm all the rights that correspond to Chile, because with the national integrity and the name of Chile no one can play. “.

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