Usik: Incredible game, both teams played well, but Polesie was a little better

Usik: Incredible game, both teams played well, but Polesie was a little better

The world boxing champion has a one-year contract with Zhytomyr residents

World heavyweight boxing champion and also a striker Polesia Alexander Usik commented on the victory of Zhytomyr residents over Dynamo (3:2) in the 10th round Ukrainian Premier League.

“Of course it was an incredible game. Very cool, the guys played very well on both sides, but Polesie was a little better – 3:2. We see that the Zhytomyr team played in the minority, but they defended well and this is a victory.”

“This is incredibly cool, the guys are on the rise, thank God! This morning, when I went to service, I prayed, I was going to the game and I knew that everything would be fine. I understood that it wouldn’t be easy, but we didn’t want it to be easy either. Everything is incredible. Benny ran well and played well. Philippe is an incredible substitute, he scored a goal straight away. All the guys played well, incredible. I can’t single anyone out, this is a team, it’s cool. I congratulate the coach, congratulate the team.”

Let us remind you that Usyk officially became a Polesie player in the summer. Alexander’s agreement with the club is for one year. The boxer received the 17th game number.

In the match with Dynamo, the Zhytomyr team lost twice during the match, but managed to come back. Yuri Kalitvintsev’s team was left with ten men in the second half, but managed to score two goals in the minority and snatch victory.

Polesie scored 19 points and took the lead in the UPL. In the next match, the Zhytomyr team will play away against Vorskla on October 22.

Source: Sportarena

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