Brescia, Gastaldello: “Fair equality, FeralpiSalo dominated the first half”

Brescia, Gastaldello: “Fair equality, FeralpiSalo dominated the first half”

“These early times are starting to worry me. We need to understand why, then in the second half we will make a lot of effort to restore the result. I think this match was dominated by Feralpi in the first half and Brescia in the second: a fair draw. Losing 0:1 with the opponents closed, it was not easy to get the ball back. Children always believe in it and always do everything: I like this reaction. However, we need to go on the field much more aggressively and with more intensity: we cannot miss so many opportunities. I rewarded Ndoye because he trained very well during the week: I don’t regret it. He didn’t perform very well this evening, but nothing changes: he will have other opportunities. I can’t criticize Fares either: he always puts a lot of effort into training.

He hasn’t played for two years, he needs to work. “I sent Paguera off because I wanted more physicality in midfield.” These are the words of the Brescia coach. Daniele Gastaldello At the end of the match, they drew 1:1 with FeralpiSalo.

The coach continues: “Borrelli’s solution was to give more centimeters into the penalty area: I expected the team to cross more often. We scored a goal from a cross, we needed to do it with more persistence. Let’s take the positive side of never giving up. In goal, Borrelli had a very good lead and Moncini was ready. I’m sorry I didn’t win, but a draw is the fairest result. We will certainly work hard next week with a break, also from a physical point of view. After this we will have a good tour de force and we need all the players at their best.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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