Athletistic/Football. On Saturday October 7, the 11th round match of the RPL took place. “Krasnodar” welcomed “Rostov” into its home.

Already in the first half, the Rostovites managed to take the lead. Danil Glebov scored a goal in the 23rd minute. Krasnodar goalkeeper Matvey Safonov made a mistake, passing a pass from left to right onto Ionov’s foot, Alexey crossed the penalty area to Golenkov, Chernikov made an interception, but the ball bounced off him directly on the foot of Glebov, who worked it and hit the Bulls goalkeeper with his second touch. .

In the 41st minute, Iranian Mohammad Mohebi doubled the visitors’ lead. After Chernov’s cross from the left flank, Golenkov threw it to Mokhebi, who sent the ball from the center of the penalty area directly into the upper right corner of Safonov’s goal.

In the 50th minute, Krasnodar fell behind by one goal. The goal was scored by Eduard Spertsyan. After a throw-in from the right edge, the ball ended up on the penalty line for Spertsyan, who hit the billiard shot exactly into the lower left corner of Pesyakov’s goal.

In the 80th minute, the score became equal. This was facilitated by Nikolai Komlichenko’s own goal. Spertsyan crossed from the left corner of the field to the near post, from where Junior Alonso, running, headed the ball into Pesyakov’s net with a ricochet behind Komlichenko’s back.

At the end of the match, John Cordoba brought victory to the hosts. Alonso made a diagonal pass to the right towards Volkov, Sergei rolled into the penalty area towards Cordoba, who turned and shot exactly into the lower left corner of Pesyakov’s goal.

“Krasnodar” scored 25 points and continues to confidently lead the RPL standings. “Rostov” scored ten points and is in 13th place. Krasnodar fans commented on the victory over Rostov. They left comments in the official bull community on VKontakte.

Vanya Solntsev:

– I was just clinically dead with nerves! With victory, brothers black and green.

Vladislav Zaiarny:

– It’s an unreal return. I immediately remembered the match against Zenit, where two goals were scored in stoppage time, and Okriashvili’s winning goal thanks to himself, and I was sitting behind the Zenit goal, and my voice choked with joy.

Tigo Djan:

– Thank you to everyone who believed in our Bulls and you are simply beautiful!! The first half wasn’t ours, but we did in the second half, Edik and Cordoba were out of control for so many games, now they are on fire again.

Natalia Prokudina:

– Whoever comes to us with the ball will die from the ball. we beat the Rostov team and a judge today!!!!! Hurray, comrades!

Artem Vasilyev:

– Krasnodar showed character, it did not collapse after an unsuccessful first half. He could score four or five goals. All the whiners who reject Ivich, Safonov and the defenders. That’s all their merit. Three missed goals after ten days says a lot. Happy victory to all the right fans.

Yaroslav Piatykh, Athletistic