In Germany, they want to disqualify a player for supporting Palestine

In Germany, they want to disqualify a player for supporting Palestine

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A leading German publication condemned the reaction to the Israeli war from the Bayern football player.

Noussair Mazraoui may never play in the Bundesliga again. Football players can be disqualified for supporting Palestine in the conflict with Israel.

This call was made by the leading German publication Bild, whose journalists believe that the footballer’s position contradicts the values ​​of the championship.

“The Bundesliga is planning to hold an event in memory of the victims of Hamas terrorism the day after the match. Is it possible that at that moment there will be a player on the field who will support this terror? The mass death of the innocent man That is unbearable!

This is why Bayern football player Nussair Mazraoui must clearly distance himself from the murderous actions of Hamas. And explain why he accepts hateful slogans from an account that calls for the destruction of Israel.

If Mazraoui refuses to convince himself to distance himself from it, he should not play in the league. There must be consequences from the Bayern football club, whose president, the Jew Kurt Landauer, once had to flee from the Nazis.

Football players don’t have to be saints, but they are role models for children and youth. Whether they like it or not. A supporter of terrorism should not be a role model,” the publication said.

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We remind you that the terrorist movement Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. After that, Tel Aviv started a military operation in the Gaza Strip.

In the past, Karim Benzem supported Palestine in the war with Israel.

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