There are two Swedish fans murdered: the attacks in Brussels force the duel between Belgium and Sweden for the Euro to be suspended

There are two Swedish fans murdered: the attacks in Brussels force the duel between Belgium and Sweden for the Euro to be suspended

Authorities are searching for the person responsible for the shooting. The maximum security alert is declared in the city and the alarm extends to France.

Terrorism is entering football. Occasionally at the European Cup. The match between Belgium and Sweden was suspended after the assassination of two supporters of the Scandinavian team. Another fan, whose nationality is unknown, had to be transferred to a treatment center due to the injuries he suffered.

According to the Spanish media Marca, the author of the attacks shared a video on Facebook in which he claimed responsibility. “The man suspected of the fatal shooting in Brussels shared a video on Facebook in which he claims to have killed ‘three Swedes’ (the third is injured, editor’s note). He says he is “a fighter for Allah” and that he acted on behalf of the Islamic State (IS). “We live and die by our faith », he relates. Local authorities have not yet been able to arrest the individual.

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The situation generates natural regret. “We learned that Swedish citizens had been murdered. We really don’t know what happened. We do not know if the perpetrators were captured. The players decided not to play anymore. There are 700 Swedes here, they must be safe. Police said this stadium was the safest place. Nobody knows how long this will last, that’s understandable. The players were only informed at half-time, but it took them a while to assimilate it. Stopping was the best solution. I have no information on when the match might end,” said Karl-Erik Nilsson, president of the Swedish Football Association, aware of what just happened.

The Belgian National Crisis Center further states that it seeks to ensure public safety. We seek to safely escort fans out of the stadium “, he suggests. “Fans will receive more information on site . Follow the emergency services’ instructions. Follow updates on our website,” it says.

Following this incident, the terrorist alert in Brussels was raised to level 4, the highest level on the scale.

UEFA has published an official communication. “Following a suspected terrorist attack in Brussels this afternoon, it has been decided, after consultation with both teams and local law enforcement authorities, to suspend the UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying match between Belgium and Sweden. Further communications will be made in due course “, he specifies.

Due to the emergency, the King Baudouin stadium and Heysel metro stations were closed. Supporters were ordered to stay in their seats.

The supporters who were in the Sports Coliseum chanted “All together, all together », as a sign of unity against the attack.

Local authorities condemned the attack. Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden spoke of a “terrible shooting” and declared that the perpetrator was wanted. “An investigation is underway by the police and the prosecution. “I monitor the situation and the measures that must be taken from the National Crisis Center,” specifies the authority.

The alert begins to spread to Europe. France, for example, is strengthening controls at the border with Belgium.

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