Athletistic / Football. Defender of the Russian national team Alexander Silyanov said that the quality of the pitch at the stadium in Antalya (Turkey) had a strong influence on the outcome of the friendly match against the Kenyan team. The match took place the day before, on October 16, and ended in a draw with a score of 2:2.

“It is impossible to say that the Kenyan national team is stronger than Cameroon. In my opinion, the quality of the field played an important role in the meeting with the Kenyans. Barinov made a mistake with the first goal, but I believe that the clearance is to blame for that. On a normal pitch, Dima would have made a normal pass. The second goal turned out to be ridiculous. As for me, Cameroon was stronger than Kenya,” said Silyanov, quoted by Match TV.

In the match against the Kenyans, Spartak striker Alexander Sobolev and CSKA midfielder Ivan Oblyakov stood out among the Russians.

On October 12 in Moscow, at the VTB Arena stadium, the Russian team defeated the Cameroon team with a score of 1:0. In this match, the only goal was scored by CSKA striker Fedor Chalov.