Neto apologizes for controversial speech about Neymar, but pokes player

Neto apologizes for controversial speech about Neymar, but pokes player

After strong criticism of Neymar and controversial speech, Neto, former player and presenter of ‘Band’, apologized publicly, but again provoked the Brazilian team’s number 10

Last week, after the draw of the Brazilian Team Against the Venezuelawith a score of 1 to 1, Neymar was hit by a bag of popcorn as he left the Pantanal Arena. The attacker was angry and later spoke out about the case. However, Grandchildformer football player and presenter of ‘Os Donos da Bola’, vehemently criticized the number 10’s stance.

“They said: ‘Look, it’s absurd, they threw a bag of popcorn’. My brother, you have to piss! Everyone piss on their heads! Poop and play! Pah! You have to do this. The popcorn fell on his head, and it feels like the world has fallen”, said Neto. After the repercussion of this speech, Neymar responded to the presenter and called him an “asshole” and a braggart”.

However, the presenter went back and expressed regret for his attacks on Neymar. “There must be no violence of any kind. And I’ll make it very clear, if I got angry, if I overstepped, it’s okay, I’m sorry to everyone. We get on with life. Violence is not cool, especially the way the world is today”said last Sunday, 15th, during the program ‘Apito Final’.

Even after the apology, Neto did not miss the opportunity to cultivate his controversial and provocative style. Therefore, the presenter once again criticized Neymar’s stance, this time for the treatment of the Brazilian team’s number 10 shirt with Ednaldo Rodriguespresident of CBF.

Neymar leaving the pitch after the draw against Venezuela (Credit: Getty Images)

“You have no right to curse the president, choose where you play, you have no right to anything. I was a player for 18 years, we have no right to anything. Today I think players have better educational conditions. Education comes from everywhere”said Neto.

Source: sportbuzz

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