De Fanti: “Joronen-Lazio was Sarri’s idea. That’s why it didn’t end”

De Fanti: “Joronen-Lazio was Sarri’s idea.  That’s why it didn’t end”

Joronen is one of the best goalkeepers in Serie B and was Lazio’s strong side in the summer. Why didn’t the deal take place? This is one of the questions asked Roberto De Fanti, a prosecutor, during an interview he gave to TMW. Here is his answer: “He feels very comfortable at Venice, a club where Pohjanpalo also went and where he is a best man at a wedding. They have a lot of friends, this club is focused on signing Scandinavian players and he really feels very comfortable there. But I As an agent I always have to evaluate the possibilities that can improve him at a technical level: Lazio appeared, we were glad that the idea to invite him to the Biancoceleste came from the technical staff. Negotiations progressed, Venice found it difficult to accept Lazio’s offer, also because it was clear that he would be number 12. Financial values ​​often determine the value of players and, in addition to improving contracts, based on how negotiations went, it was clear that he would have made twelfth place and that’s it, without the opportunity to come out and play for a place. Negotiations therefore did not take place, also because it later turned out that Lazio could have taken Sepe on more favorable terms.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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