club delays signing part and is sued by FIFA

club delays signing part and is sued by FIFA

At a time of tension behind the scenes, Corinthians was sued by an Argentine club at FIFA due to a delay in the signing portion; understand the topic

Experiencing an internal climate of great tension with the team’s bad phase and the proximity of the presidential elections, now the Corinthians There’s one more reason to worry. This is because the Argentine Juniors decided to file a lawsuit with FIFA asking for the payment of the second installment of the purchase of Fausto Vera.

The topic had already been addressed by the president of the Argentine club this week, when asked about the possibility of Santiago Montiel also head to Timão. On that occasion, the agent spared no words to demand what Corinthians owes from Vera, and then think about taking another athlete.

According to journalist César Luis Merlo, the portion owed by the club is US$3.45 million, plus US$615,000 in interest, which results in more than R$20 million. The idea is to pressure Brazilians to pay as quickly as possible, so as not to end up suffering serious punishments in the next windows.

Fausto Vera for Corinthians / credits: Getty Images

The main one is receiving a “transfer ban”, which prevents the club from registering new players until the debt in question is paid off. It is worth remembering that Corinthians went through a case like this in recent months, due to debts with businessmen from Mauro Bosellibut ended up paying off quickly and releasing new hires.

Source: sportbuzz

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