Diniz criticizes the Brazilian team and points out the culprit: “The main thing…”

Diniz criticizes the Brazilian team and points out the culprit: “The main thing…”

Quite upset after the Brazilian defeat, Fernando Diniz recognized the players’ poor performance and planned the sequence of work

After 22 years of maintaining a long taboo against UruguayO Brazil was defeated 2-0 against their South American rival. The last defeat to the Uruguayans had happened in 2001. To add even more drama to the team’s moment, Celeste broke yet another fast, as they had not beaten the Canarian team by two goals since 1983.

Given all this, the technician Fernando Diniz He arrived at the press conference very upset. Recognizing the poor performance of the Brazilian Team, he took the blame for the underperformance. However, the Canarian commander demanded the squad and asked for more attention and aggression from the athletes during the matches.

The game was tied, stitched, and lacked articulation. Not because of one player or another. It was missing because the team didn’t know how to build. In this sense, I am the main person responsible. Neymar left with four, five minutes left in the first half and at no point did we have any articulation“.

We have a certain tendency to make a simple analysis of complex problems. If he was right, with Neymar we would have a lot of depth and chances created. That’s not what happened. In the second half, we were even slightly better than in the first. The team as a whole did not do well in the creation part“, said Fernando Diniz at a press conference.

Diniz criticized the players, but called them responsible after the defeat (Credit: Getty Images)

We have the best raw material available. It’s not that the ideas didn’t happen, but there was a lack of aggression in the first half. Uruguay tried to score in a high medium block and take away our possession. We had possession, control of the game, which was important, but without depth. We needed to take more risks, be more incisive, more aggressive, especially with the defenders to push Uruguay“.

The impact it has is what it is already having. I’m a person who lives football 24 hours a day. I’m going to study the game and there are things for us to improve. There is no reason to think that there is anything extremely negative. One thing we don’t want to happen is a bad match. But at these times, good teams and good people get better when they are on the way down.“, assessed Diniz.

With the result of the match, the home team took second place, which belonged to the Brazilians. Uruguay’s next commitment will be against Argentina, on November 16th. Brazil enters the field again in the face of Colombiaon the same day.

Source: sportbuzz

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