Athletistic / Football. General Secretary of the RFU Maxim Mitrofanov, in a conversation with RB Sport, shared his opinion on the work of the head coach of the Russian national team Valery Karpin. According to Mitrofanov, it is difficult for Karpin to accumulate positions, but he manages.

“As a person who communicates directly with Valery Georgievich, I can say that, naturally, it is very difficult for him now. In principle, it is difficult to combine the positions of head coach of the Russian national team and from the RPL club. This is difficult and continuous work, where there is a certain conflict of interests, but Karpin copes with all this more than adequately.

I did not notice any negative attitude either in his behavior or in his words. It’s clear that it’s difficult for him, and you also have to understand that he is an emotional person. But we should not confuse emotions, which are completely fine, with a kind of burnout. We don’t see that now,” Mitrofanov said, as quoted by RB Sport.

In July 2021, Valery Karpin was named head coach of the Russian national team and left Rostov a week later. However, after the national team was withdrawn from international competitions, he returned to the yellow-blue camp, starting to accumulate positions again.