Athletistic/Football. In an interview with RB Sport, RFU General Secretary Maxim Mitrofanov emphasized that the RFU is considering extending the contract with the head coach of the Russian national team Valery Karpin. Karpin’s current contract expires in the summer of 2024, while he has managed the national team since July 2021.

Mitrofanov noted that the RFU recognizes Karpin’s significant contribution to the development of the Russian national team, especially in very difficult conditions for the team. The organization strives to provide him with maximum support in his work and a relationship of trust has been established with Karpin. When the time comes to discuss the future, this question will be raised.

Russian teams were temporarily excluded from participation in tournaments under the auspices of FIFA and UEFA starting in February 2022. Since then, the Russian national team under the leadership of Karpin has played 10 friendly matches, of which it emerged victorious in three cases.

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