Fermanagh, Protti: “We regret the knockout and the moment, but let’s not beat ourselves up”

Second knockout in a row for Stop, which yesterday saw its result overturned by Olbia at Nespoli and is increasingly stuck in penultimate place, with the risk of falling to last place in the house of today’s positive result of last place Rimin. So far, only one draw has come under control Stefano Prottiwith the coach who spoke after the match: “We had a decent first half, full of focus and concentration, and eventually took the lead. In the second half, for a variety of reasons, we fell and were unable to continue, given that we had a chance to strike because we were given space. We were crushed and suffered under their pressure, causing them to turn against us. We also need to look good physically because, like SPAL, we suffered a lot physically in the second half and we need to make the necessary assessments on that. Even during the race we have few rotations and therefore we need to see every aspect as best as possible.“.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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