Reggiana, Cigarini: “I was very worried about the match with Venice. Serie B? It’s really weird”

Ahead of the match against Feral wrote from home Reggiana he said Luca Cigarinimidfielder who is in a match against Venice he gave the decisive ball for the victory to Gondo. “Emotions are always felt, but I will not deny that this was a special match for me,” we read above. TuttoReggiana is one of the few that I wanted to excel at, especially on a personal level because I had just come out of a period where I wasn’t playing much, where I wasn’t able to contribute as much as I would have liked. do. So it was a different match, there are a few, maybe five matches that I personally wanted to do well in.”

The 37-year-old midfielder then analyzed his relationship with the coach. Alessandro Nesta: “This kind of relationship should be between a player and a coach. Sometimes you don’t agree with the choice, but you have to understand it, and I don’t deny that a player should always have a fair desire to play, regardless of whether he is twenty years old.” “I’m twenty-five or thirty-seven years old, like me. I always want to play and always want to play, but if the coach makes a different choice, he probably makes it for the good of the team and it has to be accepted. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes less so, but the period I went through was not the easiest, that’s for sure.”

Cigarini then goes on to talk about Serie B, a tournament in which he is participating for the first time in his career: “It’s strange because the teams are strong, physically ready, technically and tactically at a good level, and we, like me always, are said to be the last to arrive , and the latter must learn to be silent and pedal, and also give something more. The last ones to arrive are the least prepared, unless we have that little bit more than the other teams we will always struggle. Looking back on Sunday’s race, I think Venice, without taking anything away from us, is probably the more ready team for this championship, but We approached it much better mentally and won.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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