Athletistic / Football. Spartak head coach Guillermo Abascal explained how he perceives football. He recalled that conclusions must be drawn at the end of the season.

“You should not react to the results of official matches either not enough or too emotionally. You should always be stable and calm, even when victories come one after another.

For example, we had a run of 15 home matches without defeat. At such times, it is important to keep a cool head. You can feel the best and score, but you can lose. Don’t be too dramatic either. We must maintain balance. It’s not easy, because we are all human. Football is always about emotions. And showing emotions, you can lose your temper in a second.

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It’s important to reassure the guys by telling them that we have training tomorrow, that everyone must continue to work, that football is a marathon. Real victories come at the end of the season,” Abascal told the Spartak press service.