Pergo and Auchelli deny: “Three-day suspension? I didn’t throw any punches”

Christian Auchellimidfielder Pergoletteseafter a three-match suspension for a hit against Rota Alessandria, he wanted to convey his version of the facts into the microphones of the Lombard club, categorically denying what was published by the sports judge: “First of all, I wanted to say that I am very sorry for the situation that has arisen and to apologize to my comrades on the team, whom I left with ten players for more than an hour of play, in front of the coach, the club and all the fans. I categorically deny dynamics. of the facts of which I feel accused and as a result of which this severe disqualification occurred. Almost the opposing defender took the ball away from me in a tackle, and I didn’t complain in the slightest. As I stood up, I saw that he was approaching me, almost face to face. I kept my hands on my chest and pushed him away to avoid a collision and avoid any problems. He rushed back with his hands on his face as if I had punched him or something like that, which I swear I have never done in my life, neither in Alessandria nor in previous championships: I have never done anything like that.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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