Athletistic/Football. Football official Ilya Gerkus expressed his views on the fact that Valery Karpin simultaneously holds the positions of head coach in Rostov and the Russian national team.

“I believe that the decision to resign in case of defeat in the match against Lokomotiv is the business of Karpin and the leadership of Rostov. However, in my opinion, from the very beginning, the decision to combine the coaching positions -head in “The club and the Russian national team were in doubt. Unfortunately, in history there are not many successful examples of such a combination, and sooner or later one will have to choose one of these positions,” Herkus said, as quoted by RT.

Valery Karpin became the head coach of Rostov in late 2017. In July 2021, he was appointed head coach of the Russian national team and left his post in Rostov in August. In March 2022, Karpin began to combine his work at the club and the Russian national team again.

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