Spanish newspaper calls Brazilian a racist term; look!

After Vinícius Júnior, a Spanish newspaper uses a racist term to call a Brazilian player, Atlético de Madrid’s opponent in the Champions League; understand

As has been common in recent years, newspapers in Spain once again used racist terms towards a Brazilian player, but this time it was not Vinícius Junior. Striker of Feyenoord, Igor Paixão was the target of the newspaper “ÁS” this Tuesday, 28th, when it called him a “descendant of slaves”.

After several criticisms received on social media, the newspaper updated the title of the article, excluding the previously indicated term. The text is about the Brazilian player who has been highlighted in the Netherlands and should threaten the Madrid’s athletic in a clash for the Champions League, this Tuesday, 28.

It is worth remembering, as previously mentioned, that Vinícius Júnior, from Real Madrid, has suffered several racist insults in recent years, both from journalists, fans and professional colleagues. The athlete’s fight is mainly with the authorities, who so far have not punished anyone involved in the controversies.

Source: sportbuzz

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