Athletistic / Football. Famous journalist and blogger Vasily Utkin spoke about the work of commentator Georgy Cherdantsev. He compared him to Vladimir Lenin.

“My friends, how you have disappointed me. How unpleasant it is to explain jokes, but I can’t get out of it. Well, not in a single comment… No one noticed at all… With what subtlety I managed… … I put my soul into it, but you don’t understand, eh!

Dynamo midfielder Bessmertny said he would not go to Zenit even for a “bag of money”

I’ll explain it to you again. I repeat the joke, as if you were police officers at work – it doesn’t get through right away, like in the classic Soviet joke.

Georgy Cherdantsev became almost like Lenin in the mausoleum. Both are unbearable. Not-you-but-if-us.

Happiness is when you are understood,” Utkin said on his YouTube channel.