“The psychological load on Pesyakov in recent years has been significant, his head needs rest” – Rostov coach Kafanov

Rostov goalkeeper coach Vitaly Kafanov told that the team’s main goalkeeper Sergei Pesiakov In recent years he has suffered a heavy psychological burden and therefore now needs rest.

On Wednesday, Rostov drew against CSKA (1:1) in the first match of the quarterfinals of the RPL FONBET Russian Cup. Pesyakov has played 17 matches in the Russian Championship and Cup this season. The last two matches – of the championship and the Russian Cup – were played by Nikita Medvedev, in total he has 6 matches in the 2023/24 season.

— How does Rostov choose a goalkeeper for a match: is Karpin asking you this question or is the final decision up to him?

— When we want another goalkeeper to play, of course, I inform Valery Georgievich, explain why this should be done and give arguments. He listens to me. In three years, if I’m not mistaken, this is the first time that a goalkeeper has been replaced.

— Medvedev had a fairly long absence, this season he only played the Russian Cup and the last match of the RPL. What does he look like in the game?

– It’s good for now.

— What happened to him after the record dry sequence at the Russian championships? Will it manage to return to its previous level after several years of inactivity?

– I also want to understand this. Nikita was gradually reinstated after this long break: first for the Cup, now for the championship.

— Isn’t Pessiakov jealous of having ended up on the bench?

— He treats with understanding. We explained to him that this forced break was necessary so that he could rest. The man played for four years without replacement.

— Do you need more psychological rest?

— Every match is stressful. Over the past five seasons, Sergei has played more matches than in the previous 11 or 12 seasons. The psychological stress of recent years has been significant, the head needs to rest. I don’t know if we are doing the right thing or not, but we have now made the decision that Medvedev is out for the moment. Everyone wants to play all the time, and goaltenders are no exception. But in this case it was the coach’s decision,” Kafanov told .

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Source : MatchTV

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