The match between Minaj and Dynamo will probably be played in the spring

The Kiev club is the champion of the season in rescheduled matches

According to information Sports Arenamatch of the 16th round Ukrainian Premier League between Let’s go And Dynamomost likely, will be played in 2024.

Let us remind you that today, December 3, this match started at 13:00, but lasted just over a minute.

Referee Alexander Shandor suspended the match due to an air raid warning. Since the threat throughout Ukraine continued for a long time, the match delegate decided to postpone the game. There is no artificial lighting at the Minaj stadium, and the match could not be played on Sunday in daylight.

Later, UPL executive director Yevhen Diky said that the issue of technical defeat for the Transcarpathian team was not being considered, since the UAF was responsible for the admission of stadiums.

Dynamo is sixth in the championship with 22 points from 12 matches. For various reasons, the Kiev team will hold at least three first-round matches in the spring. Minaj remains last with six points.

In the next match, Alexander Shovkovsky’s team will host Metalist 1925 on December 7. Minaj will meet LNZ on December 9.

Source: Sportarena

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