FIFA president gets on the table after Super League reactivation

FIFA president gets on the table after Super League reactivation

This Thursday, the Court of Justice of the European Union gave the green light to the project. Critical voices were immediately raised by Gianni Infantino and Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA.

The European Super League is once again making world football news, particularly on the Old Continent. This after The Court of Justice of the European Union gave the green light to the project after considering that FIFA and UEFA regulations are contrary to European law .

The rules of FIFA and UEFA, which require prior authorization for any project for a new interclub football competition, such as the Super League, and which prohibit clubs and players from participating in it, under penalty of sanctions, are illegal. “, establishes.

And although there are already some clues about the format of the competition, critical voices were immediately raised, notably those of the presidents of FIFA and UEFA.

In the case of the head of the World Football Federation, Gianni Infantino, he assured through the official channels of the organization that “With the greatest respect to the Court of Justice of the European Communities, theToday’s sentence really doesn’t change anything. “, he began to emphasize.

“Historically we have hosted the best competitions in the world and this will also be the case in the future. “We will continue to deliver the most spectacular, competitive and meaningful tournaments in the world and use our revenues to grow football in every corner of the world through solidarity programs that ensure that the less privileged benefit from these important competitions,” he said. -he continued.

“FIFA will continue to do this, as always, in close cooperation with our member associations, confederations and all football stakeholders, for the exclusive benefit of our sport, worldwide. ” All together ! »concludes Infantino.

“Two Clubs” Championship

For his part, Aleksander Ceferin, boss of UEFA, raised the subject during a press conference where he stressed that from now on the Super League is “even more closed” than during its first presentation and ironically mentioned the makes Real Madrid and Barcelona carry a “fantastic competition between two clubs”.

“Teams like Leicester, Girona, who are now in the lead, Atalanta… Winning teams from small countries cannot qualify for this higher level competition.”. If you call this open competition, you are wrong. Given the presentation, it is now clear that the Super League offers a closed competition, something we knew from the beginning but which they tried to present in public as open, and that is not true. “, a point.

Likewise, he stated that they would not stop the clubs encouraged to participate in the tournament. “You can create whatever you want, I hope you start your fantastic competitions with two clubs . I hope they know what they’re doing, which I’m not so sure about. Football is not for sale and we have proven that time and time again. We are all together, at all levels of football and throughout European society, and nothing, absolutely nothing, can change that,” he said.

He also criticized what they are proposing. “We never said that no one could leave the system. But some would like to be outside the system, but play within it… It’s difficult to understand, really, what they want “.

Finally, he stressed that “UEFA is free to organize its own competition and to exclusively sell the commercial rights. Any competition must be part of the system and respect our new authorization rules which are, among other things, respect for the merit of the sport, the calendar of national leagues, and solidarity. These rules also protect club competitions from the UEFA championships, requiring participation in the Champions League from champions of national leagues. The Super League respects none of this.

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