Jhon Arias reveals the reason for the confusion with Grealish: “It was very bad”

Jhon Arias reveals the reason for the confusion with Grealish: “It was very bad”

In a statement to ‘CazéTV’, Jhon Arias revealed the reason for the confusion between Fluminense players and Jack Grealish, after the World Cup final

This Friday, theManchester City thrashed the Fluminensewith a score of 4-0, and won the unprecedented title of Club World Cup. However, despite the cordial match with the ball rolling, confusion occurred after the final whistle and caught the attention of the fans. John Ariasthe competition’s ‘Bronze Ball’, revealed the reason for the conflict between the players.

At first, a strangeness was noticeable between Jack GrealishManchester City number 10 shirt, with Martinelli, Fluminense midfielder. In sequence, Felipe Melo, who was already on the bench, appeared in the middle of the discussion and attacked the English club’s players. Jhon Arias explained the reason for this conflict.

“I think Grealish did very badly. At the time of the fourth goal he said ‘Olé’. He started saying ‘Olé’ and making fun of us. I think this is a lack of sportsmanship, because sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you have to be a man at all times. I think he lacked that”, revealed the player in an interview with ‘CazéTV’.

Regarding the widespread confusion, the Colombian explained that the players on the field were already irritated by Grealish’s stance, but, even from the sidelines, Felipe Melo didn’t like the English number 10’s attitudes. “So, I think it didn’t sit well with Felipe (Melo), you know his temperament, and that’s why there was all this confusion at the end”, said Fluminense’s number 21.

Jhon Arias was named ‘Bronze Ball’ at the World Cup, Walker took silver and Rodri was named best in the competition (Credit: Getty Images)

Source: sportbuzz

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