Athletistic / Football. Former Soviet footballer Yevgeny Lovchev has commented on the Russian Football Union’s (RFU) decision not to join the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). The organization will remain within UEFA.

“Regarding the executive committee’s decision not to go to Asia and continue to wait. I specifically wrote “continue to wait”, because, cynically, even if we move away from the Luna Confederation, the next World Cup will have place in Canada., the United States and Mexico. We will go there. They just won’t let you in – they won’t give you a visa, they will turn you back at the border. It’s like Shapi’s story , which did not have the right in one of the countries.

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That is, the question is simple: it turns out that UEFA and FIFA have ceased to dominate world football, they cannot solve problems with states by doing whatever they want. And FIFA and UEFA cannot do anything, because these organizations ceased to be an authority after their decisions. What will FIFA do if we withdraw from Asia and the United States, Canada and Mexico do not grant visas and do not allow the Russian team to cross the border? Will he say that then the World Cup will be canceled? FIFA will not be able to do this, it will not have enough authority and power,” Lovchev wrote on his Telegram channel.

Lovchev said that in such a situation it was necessary to develop football in Russia.

Recall that Russian football teams and national teams have been suspended from international competitions.