The first newcomer of Ingulets, the fate of the Niva (Buzov) players. All First League transfers

The first newcomer of Ingulets, the fate of the Niva (Buzov) players.  All First League transfers

Sport Arena talks about personnel migration in the first division of domestic professional football during the winter intermission 2023/24

Notes The table shows the transitions that took place bold, probable – ordinary; teams are not allocated if the player has already definitely left his previous team, but has not yet signed a contract with the new one that he came to for trial or fell into the sphere of its interests; s/a – free agent; head – ended his career; ar. – rent; v/ar. – return from rental; tr. – put up for transfer; + – additional combination of positions; zak. – end of contract. Blue new transitions are highlighted.

The marking after the club indicates the leagues that it represents (D1 – Premier League and major leagues of other countries, D2 – First League and similar leagues of other countries, D3 – Second League and similar leagues of other countries, AAFU – Amateur League of Ukraine – regional championships and other minority amateur competitions (PFL – forced suspension of performances by clubs).

This is the second edition of the transition table (the first is here).

Club Possible acquisitions Possible losses
Group “Champion”
Carpathians Lviv tr.Ezersky (FC Alexandria D1), v. Fedotov (YUKSA D3), z. Rodalega (Envigado Colombia D1), Gudzinskiy village (class: Agribusiness D2), village Zaporozhets (Ingulets D2), village Galenkov (Agribusiness D2 v/ar.)p./n. Gutsulyak (SK Dnepr-1 D1), p./n.Kamara (Dynamo Tbilisi Georgia D1), n./n. Shved (Shakhtar D1), n. Romero (Olweis Redi Bolivia D1), n. Khoma (Prykarpattya D2) v. Kozhukharb, z. Baboglo (Sheriff Moldova D1), z.Gunpowder (Metalist D2 in/ar.)P.Christian (Ponte Preta Brazil U-23 v/ar.)P.Eduardo (s/a)
Ingulets Petrovo P.Panasenko (FC Minaj D1) p./n.Zaporozhets (Veres D1/Karpaty D2/Krivbass D1/Chernomorets D1)
Left Coast Kyiv V.Mekhaniv (Niva Ternopil D2), h.Sydney (Taquartinga Brazil) p./n.Vakulenkop./n.Golubp./n.Repeta
FSK Mariupol P.MahinyaP.Chernetskyp./n.Teplyakovn.Lityuk
Epicenter Kamenets-Podolsky
Victoria Nikolaevka
SK Poltava
Agribusiness Volochisk h.Plum (Nyva Ternopil D2) n./n. Galenkov (Karpati D2 p/or.)P.GritsakP.Zorenkop./n.Tyapkin
Niva Buzovaya h.Yu.Potimkov (Metalist 1925 D1 in/ar.)V.Modelingh.Misyurah.Tkachenkon./n. Knysh, n./n. Timenko (all – FC Kudrovka D3) Zakharchuk, v. Klimov, village Dvorovenko, village Zahidny, village Korokhov, village Prokopchuk, village Budnyak, village Kalinin, village Melnik, village Mnishenko, village Palamar, village Turchanov, village .Shalfeev, n.Shamich, n./n.Litovchenko, n./n.Nekhtiy, n.Sergiychuk, n.Ursolov
Prykarpattya Ivano-Frankivsk Khoma village (Carpathians D2)
Group “Viking”
Metallurgist Zaporozhye
Bukovina Chernivtsi h.ChervnsyP.Palamarchuk
Podolia Khmelnitsky p./n. Vasilenko (Obolon D1 v/ar.), p.BykovP.Kovalenko
Niva Ternopil acting main tr.→ main tr.Stakhiv V.Mekhaniv (Left bank D2), W.Plum (Agribusiness D2), P.Protsiv (from autumn)
Gornyak-Sport Horishni Plavni salaryKalchukP.Molko (both – Flint D2 in/ar.)P.Ornat
Metalhead Kharkiv h.Gunpowder (Carpathians D2 v/ar.) h.Matkobozhik
Flint Kremenchuk salaryKalchukP.Molko (both – Gornyak-Sport D2 v/ar.)n.Kuts (FC Rokita AFP am.) tr.Nazarenkotr.v.Karpov (all ‒ FC Kudrovka D3)P.KasimovP.Kireev
Dinaz Vyshgorod Matyushenko village, Kobzar village (both – FC Alexandria D1 v/ar.)
FC Chernigov P.Khomich
FC Khust h.SkibaP.DiyanchukP.V.Merdeev (all ‒ FC Minaj D1 v/ar.)s. Tikhnenko (Veres D1), v.M.Merdeev

Source: Sportarena

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