Province – Como Stadium, a mockery of a thousand seats

Province – Como Stadium, a mockery of a thousand seats

“Stadium, mockery of a thousand seats, newspaper headlines Provinces.

SINIGALIA – Second place in the standings, great enthusiasm, but still no approval to increase capacity. Angry fans. The stop is incredible: the reflector is to blame.

Let’s hope Jakarta doesn’t notice this. WHO? Hartono, Suwarso, Indonesian dome. About what? That in Como it takes months to add another thousand seats to the stadium, and we expect paperwork to be late, documents not to arrive, stamps to disappear. Because the question (albeit rhetorical) arises spontaneously: if the megaproject of a new stadium takes months for a thousand seats, how much will have to suffer?

A question of power

The fans know the problem well: some time ago, Calcio Como achieved (with difficulty) the opportunity to expand the home fan corner by a thousand seats, bringing the capacity to 7,500. The request was followed up with passion and pulsating spirit by the Como fans, who, thanks to good results (which became excellent) The blue team, every time a match is played, they have to rush to grab a rare ticket, leaving many speechless and forced to settle for another sector or, worse, television.

Below we explain the technical details well and in detail. Instead, we summarize it because it serves to photograph a situation that is necessarily destined to interact with Como’s large-scale projects. Therefore, having received the green light for the seats, the company, in order to be more realistic than the king and to give a signal to the fans, at a certain point decided to physically position these additional seats in the corner, confident that the final green light would arrive. It was the eve of Como Lecco. It was November. As soon as the derby ended, so did Como Modena and Como Palermo, locusts, locusts. “Okay, Santa Claus will bring us expansion…”, the optimists said no matter what. With a whistle. Como Spezia plays on Saturday and a thousand seats remain unusable. This drives the most devoted fans crazy, who now call this novel a “joke.” […].

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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