V. Francavilla, Occhiuzzi: “DS changes the strong signal, we need to give more”

V. Francavilla, Occhiuzzi: “DS changes the strong signal, we need to give more”

Roberto OchiuzziThe coach of Virtus Francavilla spoke on the eve of the match with Benevento: “The change of sporting director is a strong signal,” he reports. antennacourt.com – also because I got along very well with director Antonazzo. There was a good relationship between the owners and him and a strong choice was made to send an important message, especially to the boys and me. We have to give more and go less after the difficulties that the match can cause. It is very important to look for profiles that enhance the temperamental aspect, because this is a championship that presents many difficulties; we worked hard during the week, the boys must feel abandoned in this situation. There are defeats, but you shouldn’t melt away when you still have something to play for. A coach gets frustrated when his team doesn’t communicate the importance of achieving a goal. We are obliged to give importance to the centimeter, perhaps this is what we are lacking. We should not become depressed after defeats, we should not rejoice at victories, but matches must be played. Regardless of the formation, players must have a strong determination to level up their teammates. Regardless of form, everyone should perform. The predisposition to self-sacrifice is present, but there does not necessarily have to be an imbalance between attack and defense. There’s not much we can change at the moment, we need to tighten up on the temperamental level: I’d be happy to see a few balls behind the stands from time to time and maybe break some glass in the building.

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