Vicenza, Cuomo: “Great opportunity, I want to show what I can do”

Vicenza, Cuomo: “Great opportunity, I want to show what I can do”

Vicenza’s new defender Joseph Cuomowas officially presented today: “I thank the director and everyone in Vicenza because they gave me this opportunity and I hope that I can demonstrate who I am and what I am capable of, I hope that I can lend a helping hand to my teammates , Mister and all Vicenza. Leg? I’m right-handed, but I’ve always played on the left. Negotiation? The director called me, he immediately told me about the team, the goals and what we need to achieve, and he immediately convinced me that I had to tell the truth. Then I know what the square is, it is very warm, so I am very happy to be here and lend a helping hand. Golemik? He called me in the last few days, told me to come here because I can help and I’m glad to find him again because he was the person who helped me in previous years when we played together in Crotone and so I’m glad find him again. My characteristics compared to other defenders on the roster? We of course have some important players in the squad, they are all as good as maybe compared to some of the other players, physically I am a little faster and others have a better physical level. But they are all strong guys, during these two training sessions that I conducted, I assembled a really strong team. Mr. Vecchi? I met him recently, he is a very good person and I am sure he can help the team. What will be my position? We’re currently working on both a back three and a back four, so we’ll see. Wherever he makes me play, I will be happy, the main thing is to lend a helping hand to my teammates. Current goal? What we, as a team, need to do is roll up our sleeves and work hard, as I have seen in these two days. The guys are making every effort to try to take the best position in the standings, this is the main thing. How did I see the team? I found people who work hard on the field, given the position in the standings, I was afraid that it would be different, but no, I see people who are hungry, who want to work. I am convinced that this team can perform very well, we all hope so and will try to start straight from Sunday. Do I prefer a four-man defense or a three-man defense? I did both, since I played with both my left and right hands, my leg was not a problem. I’ve played with both coaches who played football and coaches who may have played more vertically, but if I had to choose, I’d be fine with four. Or maybe last year I got along well with Golemich, but I get along well with three. No defender goals? Those who are good at taking free kicks and corner kicks certainly have an advantage and we can help. We certainly need to improve here too, then for us defenders our priority is to protect the goal, then if a goal is scored and we manage to lend a helping hand in the attacking phase, we will be even happier. How can I cope with returning to C? With peace of mind.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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