After booing for Kroos in the semi, fan president projects: “It will be worse”

After booing for Kroos in the semi, fan president projects: “It will be worse”

After Kroos was booed in the Spanish Super Cup semi-final, Real Madrid fan president projects final with more protests

The semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup saw the unusual booing of the people of Saudi Arabia towards the midfielder of the Real Madrid, Tony Kroos. Given this and the Merengues’ victory over their city rival, Atlético, those present at the stadium for the big decision promise to bother the German player again.

Whoever says this is the honorary president of an organized Madrid fan base on Saudi soil, Carlos Baldowho told the newspaper “Marca”: “In our fans, there was almost no booing for Toni, but the rest of the stadium is something we can’t control. I’m convinced that in the final it will be worse because there is already a movement on Arab social media to make people boo more. Furthermore, if Kroos scores, the celebration will be very small and it is possible that people will boo him.”

The movement has happened because of Kroos’ criticism of the players who decided to leave European football for Saudi football at the start of the current season. In addition to stating that Europe has the best football in the world, the country’s lax laws were also a topic of debate for the athlete at the time.

He also reiterated that he would never play in the country “due to the lack of human rights”, criticizing mainly the younger players who accepted the change. According to Carlos himself, the Saudi people interpreted Kroos’ speech as an insult to the country’s honor.

Kroos in action in the Spanish Super Cup / Getty Images

After Real Madrid qualified, in a 5-3 victory over Atlético, in extra time, Kroos even mocked the boos by publishing a photo on his social networks with the caption: “It was fun” with an “incredible crowd”. The final will be played against Barcelonanext Sunday, 14th, at 4pm (Brasília time).

Source: sportbuzz

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