Spezia, D’Angelo: “We are mentally weak, Como deserved to win. Are you planning? IN…

Spezia, D’Angelo: “We are mentally weak, Como deserved to win.  Are you planning?  IN…

At the end of Como’s defeat, Luca D’Angelo, Spezia’s coach, stated: “It is clear that this is not an easy situation, but I believe that Spezia can save itself. We need players, new faces, but this is not a group that can be taken and thrown away. We are weak mentally, not in the way we play, and in the first half hour I think we performed well, and to say that after the score is 4-0 seems absurd. Up until the first goal we had played better than us, with clear opportunities to score to break the deadlock. They had four shots, two posts and two goals, but they deserved to win and I stress that. The team needs more personal players and, perhaps players who did not survive the relegation last year and the start of this championship. This start will destabilize the team, I consider them weak morally, but not from a football point of view and that is why we can fight for safety. We started with the idea of ​​​​returning to Serie A, the assessment contradicts the facts, now our task is to leave five teams behind us.”

And for this it is necessary to enter the market, which, however, remains too blocked: “I am a coach and must be responsible for what I do on the field. Today we played eleven against eleven, and I also did something wrong. I can say that whoever stays until the end of the championship must remain with the thought that there is still a lot of work to be done. Inertia is not good from a mental point of view and we have to understand that we have five teams behind us. If a club hires four players, but they are good, I don’t care, in football you have to think about concrete. When I hear that in football you need to plan, I laugh because nothing is planned. Not in La Spezia, in general. Programming is all about results; if they don’t exist, everything changes. I’m not interested in people coming on loan on a permanent basis for three games: I want people who know what is needed,” thunders the coach, who then clarifies: “Nobody is thinking about capital gains now. Neither owners nor managers,” he writes. cittadellaspezia.com.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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