GdS – Catanzaro has two priorities: strengthening the Giallorossi team and restoring momentum in the championship…

“Catanzaro has two priorities: strengthening the Giallorossi team and restoring momentum in the championship,” reads the headline. Southern newspaper.

The hunt continues for the best striker (Moro on pole) and the director.

Ten days to strengthen Catanzaro and gain momentum in the championship. Katseris’ (obedient) move to Lorient and Guion’s injury have reduced the energy, quality and choice in the squad, the purchase of Antonini has strengthened the defense, eliminating the need at least in the central sector, but the club now needs to step in to balance the group coached by Vincenzo Vivarini: a power forward and a central midfielder are priority targets, another right-back is a possible option that can be assessed calmly because there is coverage in that role.
The center forward that the Giallorossi are looking for must guarantee the coach characteristics that are not available in this department: that is, kilograms and centimeters that can be used against a closed defense, especially in dirty matches or, more simply put, when it is difficult to move up the field with defender ball on the ground, maneuver. Maric from Monza seems to be a closed chapter now, but Moro from La Spezia is not a fallback option and represents a very specific target. […].

Another necessity, this time dictated by an unexpected development on the pitch, is the search for a playmaker, since Gion’s stoppage deprived the team of a beacon in the center of the field for two weeks. It is true that Pontisso can replace him (he does), but his characteristics are different, just as the characteristics of Pompetti and Verna are different. For this reason, sporting director Magalini targeted Amatucci from Fiorentina (2004), who was also treated by Pisa Aquilani. […].

On the right side, replacing Katseris is not a given, as he flew to France for an offer he could not refuse (between two and three million euros). On this flank, Catanzaro has a starting XI, and it was Sitoum who gave way to the Greek only due to a serious injury suffered in the match against Parma, otherwise today, perhaps, we would not be talking about the capital increase collected by the club. Theoretically, there is a worthy alternative to the Croatian, namely Oliveri, who arrived in the summer precisely for this reason. In short, there is time to decide whether to step into this role. […].

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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