Spezia, D’Angelo: “The team played a good match, they deserved better”

Spezia, D’Angelo: “The team played a good match, they deserved better”

At the end of the home draw with Catanzaro, Eagle coach Luca D’Angelo commented on Spezia’s performance: “The team played a good match, in my opinion they deserved more because we created more opportunities than Catanzaro, but this However, there is a point that leaves we have received a lot of positive feedback.

We made the match, Catanzaro played mainly on the counter-attack, finding the opening goal thanks to the excellent play of his striker, and our team reached the defenders and conclusions many times without falling apart after the initial disadvantage and playing very well.

All the new players have shown very good performances, we know that they have certain characteristics and we create conditions for them to perform at their best, but we must not forget about the merits of the other team members who gave their all, managing to put them in a difficult situation. the position of such a strong team as the Catanzaro team.

The results are very good, the rating is not, but it doesn’t look like we could improve on it today. If we give new players the opportunity to integrate as best as possible and reinstate those players who are still missing, we can succeed and grow week after week.

Nagy is a player you rarely see, but his work is invaluable, he plugs holes, makes few mistakes, he is a very smart player. He got on well with Esposito straight away, I had no doubts about that, but now we will also have to recover as best we can with Bandinelli, who is a fundamental player for us and I am very happy with the midfielders I have at my disposal. .

There was great balance and understanding on the field today, but we can strengthen everything even more to make it even more dangerous; at this point we need to focus on the defensive aspect in general and not so much on the formation, perhaps out of habit we are better off playing with three, but with the players we have we can also line up with four at the back: we have different solutions in our benefit.

Nicolau had cramps, so I wanted to insert Tanko, who had not played for a long time, but he entered the field with the right attitude, but I had no doubt about it, given the championship he comes from; due to the technical characteristics of the opposition forwards I chose to include him rather than Mühl, besides at that moment the only thing that mattered was defense and I think he did that very well.

Verde has always told me that he enjoys being here in La Spezia, despite the requests he has received this month, and with his performances he shows that he feels good here and that he is at the center of the project.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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