Top and flop Virtus Verona-Padova

Top and flop Virtus Verona-Padova

The Gavagnene-Nocini Veneto Derby ended in a draw. The final result is 1:1 and a draw, which, ultimately, is of no use to anyone. A missed opportunity for both teams, for Virtus Verona, which would have taken the lead and would have successfully reached seventh place, which in the playoffs would guarantee a game at home against eighth in the first round. But above all for Padova, who, given the defeat of Mantova in Zanitsa by Albinoleffe, scored “only” one point. The gap from the top is minus 6, to which we must also add the disadvantage in two direct fights: 1-1 for Martelli and a sensational 0-5 for Euganeo. Padova were too poor in the first hour of play and fell behind early in the second half thanks to a goal from Gomez, whose header from a corner found Donnarumma. Mr. Torrente then runs into cover and makes a triple change: Palombi, Capelli and Bortolussi come on for Crisetigue, Villa and Zamparo. This move had its effect in the 66th minute, when Capelli, thanks to a successful deflection by Voltan (who had come on in place of the injured Sibi), hit the crossbar perfectly. This is the turning point in the match, because from this point Padova begins to apply suffocating pressure, persistently seeking to equalize the score. This happened after a penalty converted by Varas in the 82nd minute. But the 6-minute recovery and the Biancoscudati’s final force were not enough to undermine Veronese’s rearguard, who therefore brought home a draw that boosted morale more than the standings. The final disappointment was on the faces of the 400 Padua fans who came to Gavanien for the occasion.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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