“If Lantratov leaves, it will be a bad decision. “Lokomotiv” is no worse than “Spartak” – Ignatiev

“If Lantratov leaves, it will be a bad decision.  “Lokomotiv” is no worse than “Spartak” – Ignatiev

Former head coach of the Russian national team Boris Ignatiev believes that Lokomotiv should not part with the team’s goalkeeper Ilya Lantratov.

Media reported that Spartak Moscow was showing interest in Lantratov.

— They write that Rybchinsky and Kulikov can terminate their contract with Lokomotiv and go to Torpedo for free. How do you judge this news?

– This is probably the right decision. For a while, they were not included in the lineup and only participated in the rotation. They want to try themselves and feel confident. Besides, it’s Moscow, where everything is under the eyes of the selection services of the different clubs. You need to feel at a new level, to raise your level to become key players. They are not weak, they are simply losing competition to other players. But we trusted them and used them in many matches. In other words, for a while, they were the footballers they counted on. I think they themselves are no longer interested in the position they held. I would like to try myself in a different role.

— Lokomotiv sports director Dmitry Ulyanov said the club offered Magkeev to extend his contract, but the player refused. How do you perceive this?

“I don’t know if he wants to leave, but the club has done everything for this player. He probably has no complaints about the way the club handled his injury – a torn cruciate ligament. Lokomotiv was waiting for him and did everything possible to get him back. I don’t know what financial conditions were offered to him, but he could have considered himself to have exceeded this salary level.

— Orenburg midfielder Lucas Vera could join Lokomotiv. Negotiations with these players have already taken place, but the possibility of a transfer has now emerged. Does this mean that the railway workers really need Vera?

— I don’t know how necessary it is, because Lokomotiv has a good pool of starting players in this line. But I like this footballer for his play for Orenburg. I don’t think his decision would be a mistake.

— In this case, should Lokomotiv part ways with Miranchuk and Zhemaletdinov, who moreover do not want to renew their contracts with the railway workers?

– They have a different situation. Miranchuk plays more and Zhemaletdinov appeared on the field much less after his injury. And he wants to try himself at the base and at another level. The guys apparently wanted to maintain the current salary level in the new contracts, but the club had its own point of view on this issue. If the guys make a choice in favor of a serious foreign team, it will be a plus. But now, at the training camp, Miranchuk is playing for the main team. This suggests the team is interested in him.

— We talked about Spartak’s interest in Lantratov. Should Lokomotiv sell him if this information is true?

“If he leaves, it will be a bad decision.” Lokomotiv is no worse than Spartak and Lantratov plays here regularly. He joined the Russian national team. He must get a foothold here.

— Would he be number one at Spartak?

– He’s number one here. I would understand if he left for Milan. At Lokomotiv, he is number one and is called up to the national team. What more could he want? In my opinion, “Lokomotiv” now has an advantage over “Spartak” in terms of status,” Ignatiev said, as quoted by Euro-Futbol.ru.

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Source : MatchTV

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