Il Giorno – Brescia, Maran warns: “Salvation is yet to be won”

Il Giorno – Brescia, Maran warns: “Salvation is yet to be won”

“Brescia is here. Maran warns: ‘Salvation not yet achieved’ – headlines Day.

Brescia is preparing for the match against Como, a decisive match to understand its role in the season. Chistana could extend his contract with the club, but could also leave the team at the end of the season. Maran wants to focus on the rescue and positive affirmations after his loss to Cremonese.

Brescia will continue their preparations this morning in Torbole ahead of their match against Como on Friday evening. Calling home to the ambitious Larians, who are fighting for direct promotion to Serie A, represents a very important step in understanding what role the Rondinelles can play in the rest of the season. Maran, who has witnessed the return of young Muki to the group, only has to deal with the injuries of Lezerini and Cistana, who continue to work separately. The central defender himself, who could be fully available after mid-February, remains the center of attention in the Biancazzurri household during these hours. The defender had to negotiate a contract extension with President Cellino’s company. Cistana himself, who has been a reference point for the team of his city for several years now, can rightfully be considered the “most important purchase” of the winter transfer market of Brescia, which otherwise brought at Marana’s disposal only two elements useful for the future, such as the goalkeeper Avella. (with the return of Lezzerini he will slide into the third role) and defender Cartano. Also for this reason, many are closely following the development of the issue related to Chistana, who could just as well end his experience in the blue and white at the end of the current season and return to that Serie A, where he has several fans (we are talking about Monza, Cagliari and Fiorentina). Apart from this long-awaited news, Maran wants to concentrate on the match in Senigal: “We still have to survive. There should be twenty-three of us who can go out onto the field without sparing ourselves and always have the desire to compete with anyone.” […].

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