Athletistic/Football. Former Spartak general director Evgeny Melezhikov expressed his thoughts on the current situation with red and white defender Georgy Dzhikiya.

“I believe that if there was mutual respect and understanding, it would be possible to reach an agreement that would suit everyone. I am sure and I know that Georgy and his agent during the negotiations set the continuation of the work in Spartak as a priority goal. Georgy “Spartak is not just a club, but an extremely important part of his career. Georgy is an integral part of Spartak. I am sorry that such disagreements have arisen,” Metaratings quotes Melezhikov.

This season, Georgy has participated in nine matches in all competitions, where he was not effective. In total, the 30-year-old defender spent 706 minutes on the pitch.

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